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Design Accents

Mullions are a great way to add vertical and horizontal trim accents to existing glass front installations.


Traditional mullions actually divide the glass up into smaller pieces and provide a decorative and sturdy finished appearance for larger glass openings. Surface applied mullions are mounted on top of the glass.


Surface Applied Mullions

  • Available in 1” (25mm) and 2” (51mm) width
  • Available in all finishes.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing Glazing
  • Seamless – applied on all glazing
  • Unlimited design patterns – does not have to run entire span of glass.
  • Can accommodate all applications and doors


Integral Mullions

  • Available in 1 3/4” (44mm) and 2” (51mm) width
  • Available in all finishes.
  • Allows for larger spans of glazing as it adds structural support.
  • Accommodates design intent where larger pieces of glazing cannot be transported into the space.
  • Different glazing aesthetics within the same wall.