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Elite Glass Walls – A Sustainable and Customizable Solution

Elite Glass Walls are sustainable and customizable. All Elite Solutions optimize the power of natural light, acoustical performance and most importantly, people.

While our product lines are interchangeable, the finished application is customizable, radically transforming and improving how spaces are managed.


Elite Glass Wall Profiles + Finishes

Elite Glass Walls include single glazing, double glazing, and curved wall solutions that are available in a range of finishes.

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This video shows many of our available colours….Or choose your own custom finish that best integrates with your unique design.

Your envisioned possibilities are endless.

Elite Glass Wall Solutions and The Specification Process

Elite Glass Walls easily integrate with your space. They can be paired with our Door Solutions, offering a variety of compatible hardware options and design, simplifying the specification process.

Elite Glass Wall Glazing Configurations

Single glass walls are a dependable choice that can easily adjust to a variety of construction conditions. Elements are easy interchangeable, radically transforming and improving how spaces are designed to meet schedule. Profiles are available for both standard straight line or curved configurations.

Double glass walls provide a level of privacy and sound quality. This is the best option for STC requirements where open sight lines are maintained without compromise to design.


Elite Glass Wall Solution Benefits Summary:

  • LEED compliant + sustainable, reducing carbon footprint
  • Locally sourced and made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Provide efficiencies that reduce consumption
  • Designed to meet tight deadlines + construction schedules
  • Available in single, double, and curved glass profiles
  • Single glass solutions can easily adjust to a variety of construction conditions
  • Double glass solutions provide privacy + STC requirements
  • Provide open sight lines without compromising design
  • Available in fully customized finishes to match your design palette
  • Easily integrates with your space
  • Can be paired with PC350 doors solutions, hardware + design accents to simplify specification

For more information or a free consultation about our Elite Glass Wall Solutions please contact or click here.


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