Executive Summary

As an Interior Architectural Wall manufacturer, PC350 maintains a stream-lined work module which strategically operates without a Board of Directors. Our quality control is emphasized with a “hands on” approach by each of its stake holders. This allows us to maintain and manage business, and as a result, has allowed us to grow and become a leader in the Industry.

At PC350, our mantra has become ingrained to our entire team; “to make things easy”. We’ve worked hard at formulating products that are easily specified, ordered and installed. As PC350 continues to respond to market trends we present solutions that result in client satisfaction, while maintaining the transparency of a ‘flat company’.

Now in its second generation, PC350 is led by President Kim Agar who has been directly involved with the company for over 20 years. She has been responsible for the evolution of the brand, while maintaining commitment to the success of the business. Her ideology of “delivering what matters most” is at the basis of what PC350 was founded on.

Ronaldo Chiovitti oversees both the Canadian Sales & Marketing strategy. His main objective is to foster relationships with clients while delivering personalized design solutions. His constant goal is to understand how to best position our product offerings that best suit the intent and goal of every working environment.

Sales and Business Relations within the United States of America is managed by Blair Agar. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry over the past 20 years.

Heading up Project Management is Jane Neville. She has an unsurpassed level of expertise and knowledge. She has been through the evolution of the company and has been a driving force to the level of professionalism that we now pride ourselves with having.

Our Manufacturing /Production and Shipping is managed by Jamie Allen. Jamie has been involved in all aspects of this business and continues to navigate us through the ever-expanding operations as we continue to grow.

PC350 can truly say that before the mention of Green Buildings or LEED, one of our main slogans was “Committed to your office and our Environment”. Reusability is one of the keys to our success, and we continue to find methods where our product can be re-used if necessary.

We have implemented many strategical guidelines that keep our staff driven to identify the areas where our product can be distinctive with a firm ground of quality. Determining this over the course of 4 decades has created an intriguing story about our company’s history and developed a sense of pride that everyone in the office shares.

We genuinely find that our present operations and Executive staff are well positioned to understand the needs that present themselves from the “Owners” perspective.