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At PC350, we believe in thinking differently. Our advanced collection of contemporary glass wall systems are manufactured in-house, delivering flexible, elegant and seamless integrations to corporate and commercial spaces. We challenge the status quo by taking the utmost care in each step of the process, from conception to completion. We work closely with our clients in bringing their vision to life, with exceptional results every time.

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Unmatched end-to-end support

47+ years of experience

2 to 3-day quote turnaround

Architectural Interior Solutions are manufactured in-house

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Join PC350’s Partner Program! Become a partner to one of North America’s most well known Architectural Interior Solution firms.

PC350 will assess how well your goals, operating philosophies and business practises mesh with PC350 in order to determine the best fit for a partnership. An assessment of whether your products conflict or complement PC350’s products will be carried out.


As a PC350 partner, you will get the comprehensive training you need to sell quickly, install smoothly, and continually bring value to new and existing customers. PC350 offers quality sales and installation support from day one, allowing you to add profitability successfully to your bottom line.

Stay competitive with the most advanced Architectural Interior Solutions.


PC350 has been driven to gain prominence in the field of glazed office partitions, establishing itself as an industry leader in Architectural Interior Solutions in North America. With the continued advancement of innovative glass wall systems,

PC350 is the unparalleled choice for a functional and showstopping office space.

Reduce stress with a seamless ordering process.


To be a reliable partner, you need a reliable source. We have strong, efficient partnerships with our partners thanks to our short lead times and a streamlined ordering process that ensures you always deliver on-time.



For over 48 years, PC350 has been committed to cultivating strong relationships with all our clients, while addressing their needs and providing unique and easy-to-implement solutions to all challenges that may arise. The PC350 experience is one that imparts expert knowledge, guidance, and execution at all levels.


To begin, we will provide both training and a personal installation demonstration based on your project and needs. We will be in contact weekly to discuss the obstacles you may face in your territory, as well as visit monthly in the beginning stages as needed.


PC350 will maintain a continued presence within your network while assisting your marketing efforts via eblasts, social media networking events and more. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with any changes in our product offerings, marketing language and approach. PC350 is dedicated to identifying and assisting with any possible changes to your territory, while maintaining a level of accountability in line with your efforts.

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    What PC350 Expects.


    • To be a successful member of our partner program, you are required to promote PC350’s extensive collection of glazing products to your network as well as be able to cultivate strong and long lasting relationships with reputable local commercial glazers that can provide professional expertise and installation support.
    • You must carry a strong presence in the geographic area that your company wishes to cover as well as a strong and positive relationship with the Architectural and Design community in your territory.
    • A physical facility for a potential product showroom should be available.
    • As a partner, you will commit to a sufficient number of resources that are required for aggressive sales and marketing. Our marketing team will support you by providing opportunities and leads that you can source, track and follow up with in your efforts. You should be able to deliver samples, literature and answer any questions that interested parties may have regarding PC350 products. You will also be required to include PC350’s product link on your website.
    • Once a partnership is reached, an agreeable quota will be established for your territory and prompt payment of all financial obligations will be required.