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Mix + Match PC350 Solutions for Your One of a Kind, Custom Design

We offer a Mix + Match line of options that are fully customizable. When you design with PC350 Glass Wall Solutions there are many options to choose from to create your inspired design, including colours. Our Glass Wall, Door, and Design Accent Solutions are interchangeable offering endless possibilities.

Forgestone Capital - Slider

Forgetstone Capital – Elite Glass Wall Solution and Slider

Mix + Match Home Equity Bank - Double Glaze

Home Equity Bank – Elite Glass Wall Double Glass with Swing Door

Benefits of Mix + Match Solutions:

  • Mix + Match combinations include Elite Glass Walls and Slider, VISTA Telescopic and Elite Glass Wall with Slider, VISTA Telescopic with Elite Curved Glass Wall and Elite Glass Walls with Swing Doors and Mullions, but there many more.


  • Elite Glass Walls include single glass, double glass, and curved wall solutions. Our interchangeable product lines offer customizable applications that radically transform space management, providing endless possibilities.


  • Single glass walls are a dependable choice that can easily adjust to a variety of construction conditions. Elements are easily interchangeable, radically transforming and improving how spaces are designed to meet schedule.
  • PC350 Double Glazed Walls provide a level of privacy and sound quality. Mix + Match Double glass is the best option for STC requirements where open sight lines are maintained without compromise to design.


  • Pair with our Mix + Match Door Solutions, offering a variety of compatible hardware options and design, simplifying the specification process. PC350 Doors work in perfect harmony with our solid and glass wall panels.


  • Sliding Doors can maximize your footprint while providing elegance and functionality. PC350 sliding doors are offered in both inline and traditional barn.


  • Swing Doors are a reliable choice that stand the test of time for both durability and functionality, incorporating butt hinges to match your interior wall finish.
Mix + Match Unique Risks - Single Glaze

Unique Risks – VISTA paired with Elite and Sliding Inline door

Mix + Match Home Equity Bank - Mullions

Home Equity Bank – Elite Glass Walls with Mullions

Mix + Match Signet Group - Swing

Signet Group – Elite Glass Walls with Double Swing Wooden Doors

ALOE Finance - Curved Wall

ALOE Finance – VISTA Telescopic paired with Elite Curved Glass Wall Solution

NFP - Single Glaze

NFP – Elite Single Glass Paired with Swing Glass Door

S.i. Systems (Ottawa) - Slider

S.i. Systems – Elite Glass Wall with Slider Door and Swing Door

Mix and Match Dental office solutions

Salvaggio Dentistry – Frameless Pivot Glass Door Solution with Privacy Design Accents

  • Grounded in the foundations of modern architecture, a Pivot Door accentuates clean lines and elegant motion. Pivot Doors need less clearance space and offer a unique aesthetic to elevate any room.


  • Once Glass Walls and Doors are chosen there are many design accents to choose including Hardware Accents, Finishes and Mullions for the final touches.


To see many more Mix and Match Solutions check out the Projects section of our website or follow us on Instagram here!


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