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Elite Glass Walls Unique Risks

Elite Double Glass Wall Solutions Now Available in Curve!

Elite Double Glass Wall Solutions are now available in curved profiles. This sustainable solution is customizable, locally sourced and qualifies for LEED points.


Elite Glass Wall Solution Specification is as Easy as 1,2,3

Elite Glass Wall Solution specification is as simple as choosing your glass, your preferred door and then picking whichever hardware and design accents you prefer to bring your inspired design to life.


Why PC350 Door Solutions?

PC350 Door Solutions work in perfect harmony with our solid and glass wall panels. Choose any or all of our three options, sliding, swing or pivot doors to support your sustainable solutions.


Elite Glass Walls – A Sustainable and Customizable Solution

Elite Glass Walls are sustainable and customizable. All Elite Solutions optimize the power of natural light, acoustical performance and most importantly, people.


PC350 VISTA Telescopic Solutions: Reimagine Your Space

VISTA Telescopic Solutions offer a modern design focal point while providing private and open employee collaboration.


Why PC350 Curved Wall Glass Solutions?

Office spaces are radically changing as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 has created a shift in how organizations manage their employees and how work is facilitated.


PC350 Glass Wall and Door Solutions for Dental Office Interior Design

Why Partner with PC350 to create dental office interior design solutions? There are a variety of reasons starting from inception right through to completion of your specific project requirements.


Why Being Part of Construction Significantly Decreases Lead Times

PC350 supports our partner journey from inception to completion. We are design focused and solutions driven, right through to construction where timelines are critical.


Aluminum Extrusions + Glass: A Sustainable Choice for LEED Projects

luminum extrusions offer engineers, architects, and designers attributes which provide solutions that are infinitely recyclable and meet the sustainability and environmental demands of today’s commercial workplaces.