Our Mission

We bring your vision to life through our commitment to design and deliver superior architectural interior solutions. Through our commitment for excellence, we strive to foster a customer-centric environment of self-improvement that supports operational and employee growth; while remaining true to our reputation to deliver quality products with ease and flexibility.


For over 45 years, PC350 prides itself on our team, our partners, our customers, our products. Our success is a result of our continued commitment to deliver superior products without compromise. Our continued growth is a result of dedication and hard work based on our key guiding principles:


  • Embrace change through innovation
  • Build positive relationships through open communication
  • Deliver exceptional service through collaboration
  • Support our family spirit through hard work and integrity
  • Provide high-quality, simple seamless solutions through flexibility and creativity


We deliver on a promise and a commitment to you that our products will not only meet your schedules, we will do everything possible to ensure we exceed them.  We are reliable and we produce the most field adaptable product on the market. With our highly skilled team of professionals, we specialize in making things happen.  This is not an option for us, it is what we do, making sure you receive high quality products when you need them.


It all starts with a conversation and your voice and vision is important to us. We want to empower you to tell your story and PC350 provides the team that assists you in creating the space that you imagine.  We are not afraid to take risks with our “Nothing is Impossible” attitude and we work closely with you to create customs, overcome challenges and to be proactive in order to always meet and exceed your construction schedules.  Working directly with your team and listening is a skill we have developed for over 45 years and look forward to working with you to make your space a reality.