Our Approach


We bring your vision to life through our commitment to design and deliver superior architectural interior solutions. Through our commitment for excellence, we strive to foster a customer-centric environment of self-improvement that supports operational and employee growth; while remaining true to our reputation to deliver quality products with ease and flexibility.

Industry Expertise

For over 45 years, PC350 prides itself on our team, our partners, our customers, our products. Our success is a result of our continued commitment to deliver superior products without compromise. Our continued growth is a result of dedication and hard work based on our key guiding principles:

  • Embrace change through innovation
  • Build positive relationships through open communication
  • Deliver exceptional service through collaboration
  • Support our family spirit through hard work and integrity
  • Provide high-quality, simple seamless solutions through flexibility and creativity

Our Talent

Our process is to work with all our vendors and customers to create interior solutions that are cost-effective and adaptable so that we are always adding value, not hassles. Our relationships are built on trust and respect. Our customers know we will stop at nothing to ensure they only receive the highest quality products out there, without compromise. We share our passion, innovation and vision with our partners and customers alike. We listen to our customers and recognize their requirements.

Our Partners

We work with our partners including our engineers, our A & D Group and General Contractors by bringing a flexible line of products in order to match their specific requirements and vision. Our custom capabilities ensure that we adapt to any specific project’s conditions, no exceptions.

Our Customers

Our priority to our customer is our commitment to quality and customer service. We know every project is unique and that’s why we are proactive in finding the proper solution. By sharing our strategic vision and technical expertise, our customers are confident and satisfied. We collaborate with our customers, in addition to our engineering and design professionals to tackle custom projects from several perspectives.


Our sales team works closely with our partners and clients to be on-top of new developments so they can bring fundamental information to every project.

Our Project Managers communicate and assist the General Contractors and other trades to deliver appropriate materials as required. The majority of the partition components and doorways are built off-site in our manufacturing facility. The trades putting in the mechanical, lights, ceiling and flooring now work in an extensive-open space with little waste and less journeyman hours.

Project Insight is crucial. We collaborate as a team so that each challenge is supported with the skills of our professionals. Our manufacturing process is designed to make sure installation is precise and reliable.

We design our architectural interior solutions to integrate into existing building architecture with ease. Each solution is developed to accommodate the site variances including leveling and curvature within the buildings structure. This allows for less site disruption and faster cleaner installations.

Reliability and Responsiveness

We deliver on a promise that our projects are shipped in 21 days or less, no matter how big or small it is. Our commitment to our customers and partners is making sure they receive quality products when they need them.