Elite Solutions have been engineered to maximize aesthetics, function and price without compromising design. The Elite family of products allow true customization and flexibility that work effortlessly with you and your construction professionals while focusing on unparalleled lead times.



Our motivation to exceed expectations is you, our partners. Responding to the ever-changing needs of our design partners for over 45 years, Elite line has expanded to answer your requests. We now offer centre and offset glazing pockets, conventional and thin-profile framing for both single- and double-glazed requirements. Elite can also adapt easily for both wraparound and flush mount construction.The true versatility of this go-to system is open for you to design with. We’ll just make it happen.Elite Solutions offer essential elements; SELF SUPPORTING unique profiles for floor, ceiling,horizontal and vertical posts, and wall configurations. Our profiles harmonize effortlessly with conventional construction, easy to install by your construction professionals while offering durability and flexibility.

Elite profiles can adapt to serve as sidelight, screen, window or clearstory, inspiring long spans without mullions for many applications and is quick and easy to install. Elite Wall and Door programs integrate easily with your space and footprint, simply paired with our wide range of PC350 Swing Glass Doors, offering a variety of compatible hardware options and design, simplifying the specification process.

Elite offers framing profiles that can be cut on site from common lengths and often readily available; offering optimal responsiveness working directly with your construction professionals and allowing flexibility should any on-site discrepancies occur. Varied building conditions are not an obstacle, quick design changes speak to the ease of integration.