Glass Doors

All PC350 doors are custom sized to reflect site design intent. They are aluminum framed glass and perform the standard soft open & close feature. Each door can be designed as lockable with PC350’s standard product offering of a 30” solid brushed stainless-steel offset ladder pulls. We now offer oversized doors maintaining a smooth and easy to function swing. Available in all PC350 standard powder coat colours or any RAL to customize your space!

Swing Doors

The PC350 Swing door is an optimal choice for the highest range of STC. It can be integrated with various glass thickness’, can accommodate single or double door applications, and are available in slim and traditional profiles. The Swing door accommodates concealed closers, automatic openers, magnetic locks, and can be spec’d with optional automatic door drop. The option to be spec’d with low-profile bottom door rail is available, as well as continuous door stops to provide uninterrupted design lines.

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Sliding Doors

The PC350 Sliding door is a perfect space saving solution that can be designed as either single doors or double in-line with optional synchro-technology. To open up the option of utilizing various glass thicknesses, the Sliding doors can be paired with transoms and clerestory. To reduce unwanted sound leakage, doors have seals in three areas while maintaining a minimal undercut.  The Sliding door can also be used to converge outside room corners.

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Barn Doors

The PC350 Barn doors are uniquely different from our sliding doors by virtue of install.  The barn door tracks are face mounted to various surfaces, allowing designers the flexibility of having the sliding function of a door, without the typically required glass sidelight.  The result is a great space-saving solution!

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Frameless Glass Pivot Door

The PC350 Frameless Glass Pivot Door contributes to timeless design while allowing maximum light to permeate any space, giving an open, free and clean environment. To accommodate various design aspirations, the Frameless Glass Pivot Door is available in 90° swing with rested stop or optional 180° swing with a pull bar. Includes factory-prepped header for pivot, integral door strike and stop with PC350 soft stop, and centre pivots with centre pivot patches.

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