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Door Solutions

PC350 Doors add the final touch to your inspired design, providing a gateway to your finished space.


Swing doors are a reliable choice that stand the test of time for both durability and functionality, incorporating butt hinges to match your interior wall finish. Specify automatic door drops or sweeps to aluminum doors to create a strong seal with high acoustical values for better STC ratings.

Signet Group - Swing


  • Choose from a wide variety of compatible hardware options and designs to simplify the specification process
  • Wood swing door options and finishes are available on their own or with added glass cut outs
  • Aluminum doors are available in 2” (51mm) and 5” (127mm) profiles and are fully customizable
  • Auto drop seals and sweeps are available for both aluminum and wood swing doors


  • Butt hinges and door pull finishes can be matched to interior wall, creating a great balance between strength and style
  • Glazing compatibilities include 6mm (1/4”), 10mm (3/8”), 12mm (1/2”)
  • Glazing types include clear tempered, laminated, low iron, acid etch and LCD privacy glass
  • Standard lever or ladder pulls available for locking and non-locking requirements

Door Solutions