Swing-door-header architectural interior solutions

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Swing Doors

The PC350 Swing door is an optimal choice for the highest range of STC. It can be integrated with various glass thickness’, can accommodate single or double door applications, and are available in slim and traditional profiles. The Swing door accommodates concealed closers, automatic openers, magnetic locks, and can be spec’d with optional automatic door drop. The option to be spec’d with low-profile bottom door rail is available, as well as continuous door stops to provide uninterrupted design lines.

Swing Door

Key Features

• Custom Sized Doors
• Meets Barrier Free Requirements
• Oversized Doors – Contact PC350 for sizing
• Standard Hardware – 30” Door Pull
• 1/4”, 3/8” or 1” Sealed Glass Accommodation
• Variety of Finishes
• Low Profile Options
• Colour Matched Hinges
• Colour Matched Door Pull on request

Swing Door

Key Benefits

• Provides Optimal STC Levels
• Accepts pull bars up to full height
• Heavy-Duty maintenance free hinges providing easy to operate doors
• Accommodates concealed closers, electric strikes and mag locks
• Accepts optional auto door drop
• Supports Accessibility
• 7 Year Warranty




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