PC350 Temporary Healthcare Panel Solution

PC350 has developed a temporary healthcare panel solution for the fight against COVID-19. Our system can be utilized for any application from testing to treatment and can be deployed in a matter of days. It can also be scaled to meet the needs across North America.


By utilising our aluminum extrusion channels, we can offer a variety or combination of panel materials to meet your specific needs including patient visibility. We have proposed but are not limited to, the following materials for cost effectiveness, durability and sterility:


✓ Corrugated plastic
✓ Plexiglass


There are three options to choose from depending on the needs of the application including configuration. All options can be interchanged where necessary to meet any criteria. Here are the options to choose from:

Potential Configuration Options (all panels can interact with each other):


These panels will divide and protect patients from exposure and allow for patient privacy. The unlimited layout or configuration options provide flexibility to suit any on site requirements and design needs. Our hollow extrusions also allow cable or conduit to be run through to provide power to each station if required.


Our PC350 panels would be ideal in “field” hospitals, treatment centres or shelters where division to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and patient privacy is required. System installation and removal is quick, efficient and can be recycled or repurposed if necessary.


We will continue to maintain our best-in-class lead times to support your project and depending on quantity, we can ship within one week.


Our PC350 Healthcare Panel Solutions are prefabricated and shipped to site for final assembly. Each “U shaped pod” can be assembled on-site within an hour by two professional trades people. Larger quantities can be scaled to reduce installation time.

Contact Us

For more information please contact our Head Office at 1-866-633-0233 or alternatively email
us at info@PC350.com.



These “dividers” will not be considered a profit centre for PC350 due to the nature of use and gravity of the situation. We are simply trying to offer a local solution using local manufacturing and labour. Due to the variety of potential layouts, our pricing is per prefabricated panel. 


For more information on pricing, please contact us for a formal quote or custom pricing at info@PC350.com or via phone at 416-452-3619.

Option Panel Size (w x h)(ft) Price Value Price per LF
Option A – 10 mm PVC sheet 4×8 $589 7 $146
Option A – 4 mm Corrugated Plastic 4×8 $500 4 $125

Option A – 6 mm Plexiglass

4×8 $682 8 $170

Option B – Plexiglass top & 4 mm Plastic lower

4×8 $679 9 $170

Option B – Plexiglass top & 10 mm PVC bottom

4×8 $723 10 $181

Option C – Plexiglass top & 4 mm Plastic lower

4×8 $934 3 $117

Option C – Plexiglass top & 10 mm PVC bottom

4×8 $1002 5 $128

Option C – 4 mm Corrugated Plastic

4×8 $752 1 $94

Option C – 10 mm PVC sheet

4×8 $929 2 $116

Option C – 6 mm Plexiglass

4×8 $1115 6 $139