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15 Reasons to Design Workspaces Using VISTA Telescopic System

VISTA Telescopic Solutions offer a modern design focal point while providing private and open employee collaboration.

The versatility of VISTA offers a seamless opening, free of floor tracks for both increased safety and a clean, refined aesthetic. Our telescopic glass wall solution also comes in a corner office configuration and can be left open or closed.

VISTA Telescopic Solutions in Motion

ALOE Finance - VISTA

VISTA Telescopic Solution doors partially open

15 More Reasons to Choose VISTA Telescopic Solutions

  • Offers an elegant, clean aesthetic
  • Harnesses the power of natural light to optimize employee well being
  • Increases productivity and takes meetings to a new level
  • VISTA’s trackless opening supports accessibility
  • Telescopic doors can remain open or closed
  • VISTA blends effortlessly into a finished space
  • Single glazed STC assembly score ranges up to 35
  • Specialty glass applications available on request
  • Profiles are designed to work with both unfinished and finished wall configurations
  • Seemlessly integrates with all swing and sliding traditional barn door options
  • Colour match your inspired design to any custom colour for a one of a kind environment
  • LEED compliant + sustainable, reducing carbon footprint
  • Locally sourced and made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Provide efficiencies that reduce consumption
  • Designed to meet tight deadlines + construction schedules
ALOE Finance - Curved Wall

VISTA provides clean lines and smooth transitions

Unique Risks - Single Glaze VISTA

VISTA gives new meaning to the modern office

Unique Risks - Single Glaze

VISTA paired with Elite and Sliding Inline door

Why VISTA For Your Inspired Design?

VISTA Telescopic Solutions enable you to freely adapt your space by  integrating VISTA with other PC350 solutions. Pair VISTA with our framed sliding or wood doors, hardware options and a variety of custom finishes to elegantly, breathe life into your workspace.

Sliding motion doors are available in widths from 33″ and 48″. Single VISTA openings can span between 86″ and 186″ and double VISTA openings can span between 172″ and 372″ with panels available in glass or wood.

Have a specified colour request? Choose from one of our standard finishes or colour match to any custom colour for a one of a kind environment.

For more information or a free consultation about our VISTA Telescopic Solutions please contact or click here. For more VISTA Solutions see our Projects section and follow us on Instagram here.

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