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Why Being Part of Construction Significantly Decreases Lead Times

PC350 supports our partner journey from inception to completion. We are design focused and solutions driven, right through to construction where timelines are critical.

We work closely with designers + architects, making creative vision a reality by transforming the mundane into elegant, refined and highly functional places to collaborate.


PC350 Entertainment One installation

The Importance of Being Part of Construction

PC350 understands and explores all options related to our partner network needs, then helps define the best solution to optimize the power of natural light, acoustical performance and most importantly, people.

This partnership extends to the construction site. Our family of product solutions allow true customization and flexibility that work effortlessly with you and your construction professionals to significantly reduce lead times, when compared to competitors.


PC350 Pixar installation

PC350 Pixar installation

“We don’t wait for construction to be completed, we follow right behind,” says Kim Agar, President of PC350. “This means our solutions are highly adaptable and customizable, offering innovative changes that can be ‘made on the fly’ without compromising schedule.”

PC350 is the only demountable glass wall solutions provider that offers single and double glazed framing profiles, that integrate easily with all PC350 door programs and installs over unfinished wall. This gives designers and contractors much more flexibility throughout the procurement process.


Schedules Are Maintained Despite Project Obstacles

Several of PC350 solutions are also self-supporting which is invaluable in terms of construction. Structural work is considerably reduced which is a necessity with other products on the market. This means schedules can be more aggressive in terms of timelines achieved as other brands rely on site dimensions that are part of finished construction.

“A lot of things can change during the construction process,” Agar explains. “I’ve seen it happen many times. There is one example that stands out. We were working with a principal of a prominent design firm in the GTA. Upon the designer’s review of the physical site dimensions, what was drawn and ordered was not possible to build. This was not an obstacle for PC350, and the necessary changes were made without disruption to the original schedule.”


The benefit of the PC350 solution is that contractors don’t have to wait for everything to be done. The walls do not have to be finished, the painting complete and the flooring installed before PC350 can be on site.

“Project schedules are moving faster than ever before and trades aren’t waiting for us,” says Agar. “We move along with construction. We don’t have to wait for construction to finish to begin the installation.”

PC350 innovative solutions also work together. While product lines are interchangeable, the finished application is customizable, radically transforming and improving how spaces are managed.


Our Entire Network Helps Us FulFill Daily Schedules

“Our vendor partnerships span almost 50 years,” says Agar. “They share our passion and have a vested interest in helping us achieve a great customer experience. These relationships that have been forged over many years provide a solid foundation in achieving fulfillment of daily schedules.”

Another advantage with PC350 solutions is that projects are eligible for LEED credits. Solutions are not only sustainable but provide efficiencies that reduce consumption. All items are also locally sourced and made from 100% recyclable materials which uphold PC350’s on-going commitment to the environment, while also providing faster lead times.

To learn more about how PC350 is part of construction please contact or click here.

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