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Why PC350 Curved Wall Glass Solutions?

Office spaces are radically changing as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 has created a shift in how organizations manage their employees and how work is facilitated. Examining the best way to support both employee well being, while also securing company success has become critical.

A research report recently released by the McKinsey, The Future of Work after COVID-19, reveals “that some work that technically can be done remotely is best done in person. Negotiations, critical business decisions, brainstorming sessions, providing sensitive feedback, and onboarding new employees are examples of activities that may lose some effectiveness when done remotely.”

PC350 has supported this trend through the evolution of our glass wall solutions. Our curved wall provides workplace design and flexibility to help facilitate how employees collaborate. Our solution is fully customizable and available in a range of finishes to match any environment.

This video offers a glimpse of a recent installation. To explore more benefits please continue reading below.

PC350 Curved Wall Solution Benefits

  • Offer a refined focal point for desired areas
  • Blend effortlessly into a finished space

Soften the look of a workspace


Are sophisticated and practical


Can be customized to your design specifications

Come in custom finishes and colours

Many thanks to all of our valued partners:

GC: Treasure Hill Homes

Design: Figure3

Installation: Modern Glass Solutions

Photo credit: Ashley Agar Photography

For more information or a free consultation about our curved wall and door solutions please contact or click here.

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