Our Story

What does Acting, Air Traffic Control, Sustainability and Architectural Interior Solutions have in common?


For us, it’s a proud history and a promise for an even better future.


Our story began in 1973 when Robert “Bob” Stanley Agar had a vision: to develop architectural interior solutions that would give the working world an approach to office design that hadn’t up to that point been available, or possible. In doing so, he not only pioneered an industry, but championed sustainability before it became mainstream.

As a former actor and air traffic controller, Bob was no stranger to firsts. As an actor, he starred in Canada’s first full-length colour feature film and would later go on to become the air traffic controller that landed the legendary Avro Arrow on its final flight. Bob’s curiosity, creativity and passion to help people reach their full potential is what proudly led to the creation of PC350.

And it’s also what led his daughter Kim to propel it to new heights today. As CEO, Kim shares her Dad’s passion for sustainability and combines it with the very best in design. The result is a solution that is reliable, sustainable, functional and meets your aesthetic needs.

Under Kim’s leadership, PC350 has evolved into a North American leader providing architectural interior solutions that delight our clients and empower them. Today PC350 products are seen in the offices of the world’s largest and most influential brands.

At its core, PC350 developed from a small family business. Our industry partners are our friends and our family. We look out for them; we protect their projects and we do everything possible to support our family.

We can’t wait to work together.